Product Features

  • Mace® Pepper Gel Spray LED Night Defender
  • Canister contains 45 grams of pepper gel
  • Maximum strength 10% OC pepper (1.4% capsaicinoids.)
  • Built-in 33 lux LED light
  • Gel sprays farther than normal sprays and streams
  • Fires up to 18 feet in distance
  • Gel contains an invisible UV Dye to mark attackers for easy identification
  • Thick gel formula is less contaminating to your surroundings, no blowback
  • Contact with assailant causes coughing, eyes to shut and skin to burn
  • Contains about 10 - 20 quick bursts
  • Flip-top safety cap prevents accidental firing and controls light
  • Effects start to subside within 45 minutes
  • Pepper Gel is non-flammable
  • Power Supply: Batteries for LED light (included)
  • Dimensions: 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/4"
  • Weighs: 0.3 lbs.
  • Lasts for 4 years, expiration date printed on label
  • Note: Store in cool dry area, don't drop below 32° F (0° C) or exceed 120° F (50° C)


No time of day is more dangerous than when after the sun has set. You need protection when walking out at night, but it’s not always easy to see or know a threat. You can now see and feel safe with the Mace® Pepper Gel LED Night Defender. Contained inside this canister is 45 grams of 10% OC pepper gel. Gels spray farther than the normal sprays, with this on firing up to 18 feet in distance and because of the thick formula you do not have to worry about a gust of wind blowing it back in your direction. The formula also sticks to an assailant causing their eyes to shut, violent coughing, and a burning feeling on their skin. The contents of this canister give you about 10 to 20 quick bursts. Additionally, the pepper gel as an invisible UV day that helps authorities identify attackers. If that wasn't enough, the Night Defender also has a powerful 33 lux LED light built into the cap for blinding assailants or helping you find your way in the dark. It is easy to activate by simply flipping the top safety cap up.


What's Included

  • Batteries


Important Info

SALES PROHIBITED TO: Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

DISCLAIMER, RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: Total Security Group is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense weapons including pepper spray purchased from us.

By purchasing a self-defense weapon, including pepper spray from us you understand that Total Security Group does not warrant that you may legally purchase, possess, or carry these products according to any state or local laws. You also acknowledge that you have determined their legality before purchasing and that you are an adult of at least 18 years of age and under no legal disability.


By purchasing a self-defense weapon, including pepper spray from Total Security Group, the buyer warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership and use of the item. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Total Security Group for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership and use of the item in compliance or violation of federal state and local laws or regulations.


Please check local laws before ordering any self-defense weapon, including pepper spray.

Mace® Pepper Gel Spray LED Night Defender

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